Watching the 2014 NFL Futures Market Progress throughout the Preseason

Payne Insider - Posted on 02 September 2014

Written By: Billy Attridge

 San Diego Chargers Futures and Super Bowl Odds as high as 48/1 Image hosted by Payneinsider.comOne way investors can monitor the sports betting market is by comparing futures odds over a specific set of time. One practice I perform each summer is compiling odds from sports books prior to the NFL preseason, and then note changes after the teams dress rehearsal' game has concluded.

Predicting Futures Market for College Football Playoff

Payne Insider - Posted on 28 August 2014

Written By: Richard Salvatori

 College Football Futures Market for Four Team Playoff Image hosted by Payneinsider.com2014 will mark the first season in collegiate football history that a four team playoff will decide the national champion. Conference alignment plays a major factor in the overall potential for various candidates to get into this 'tournament'. There's a ton to take in when analyzing futures for each team as to whether or not they can be one of the top four.

Pythagorean Theorem, Turnover Margin, and how it Correlates to the Kansas City Chiefs Season Win Total Expectation

Payne Insider - Posted on 18 August 2014

Written By: Billy Attridge

 Kansas City Chiefs Futures Season Win Total Under 8.5 Wins Image hosted by
* LVH Opening Total: 8 (O-120, U+100)

* BetOnline Current Total: 8.5 (U-170)

* BetOnline AFC West Odds: (+650)

The NFL Regular Season kicks off in less than a month, but for serious sports gamblers and investors alike, the preparation for this upcoming season likely began at least three months ago. The amount of data and information that is pertinent to having success as a sports bettor takes time to acquire. One team that jumps off the page as being overvalued based on last year’s results, and could be destined for a sub-par season, is the Kansas City Chiefs.

Questions Bettors should Ask and Analyze at the end of each Betting Season

Payne Insider - Posted on 09 June 2014

Written By: Billy Attridge

 Betting Questions Sports Investors Should Ask and Analyze Image hosted by Successful sports bettors have unique skills and talents that allow them to profit in a market where less than 2% can. Work ethic, discipline, and talent for analyzing information and data makes them a rare breed. The glitz and glamour of placing a wager or taking a position on a sporting event often overshadows the incredible amount of labor and diligence put in by professional bettors each day. One practice that sports bettors on any level should apply to their betting acumen is; review! At the end of any given betting season, whether your pockets are flush with cash or you ended in the red (please bet responsibly), you should be asking yourself these types of questions:

Pro football Week 1 point spreads; every NFL line move since opening odds

Payne Insider - Posted on 28 April 2014

Written By: Richard Salvatori

2014 NFL Week 1 Opening Point Spreads via The National Football League isn't necessarily "back," just yet, but things are rounding into shape as we head towards the Draft on Thursday, April 8th. With the NFL schedule set in stone, offshore sports book BetOnline has opened its doors up for Week 1 betting action for the 2014 NFL season.

There are limitations regarding what can be bet at this very early stage in the game (some books allow up to $5K on sides and $1K on totals), but it's never too early to consider opening perception surrounding NFL teams in the minds of bookmakers. Below is the full list of NFL Week 1 openers, both sides and totals, as well as, the current live odds at the time of this post.

Betting MLB Season Win Totals

Payne Insider - Posted on 31 March 2014

Written By: Richard Salvatori

 BETTING MLB SEASON WIN TOTALS image hosted by PayneInsider.comSpring training has concluded, the ball is officially rolling on the 2014 MLB season. Getting a feel for teams early on and gauging what a ball club could be capable of relative to perception is imperative for successful MLB betting. Weather your prerogative is to monitor teams throughout the year and hand-pick specific quality betting spots, or you choose the futures market, having a keen understanding of Vegas’ win total projection for each club is a good starting point for bettors to handicap a teams potential.

Betting on College Basketball Teams that Excel Defending the Perimeter

Payne Insider - Posted on 15 January 2014

Written By: Richard Salvatori

 Betting College Basketball Teams that can Defend the perimeter Image hosted by Payneinsider.comComing into the 2013-2014 NCAA basketball campaign lots of hype surrounded a massive crop of freshman phenoms. Analysts drooled at the opportunity to talk Julius Randle, Jabari Parker, and Andrew Wiggins any second they could.

Teams like Kansas, Kentucky, Florida, and Duke have come on the scene this year (and in recent seasons) as contenders thanks to elite recruiting classes. Such classes typically center around size and interior power. Just look at Kentucky’s freshman crop this season, it includes 6’9 Julius Randle, seven-footer Dakari Johnson, and a pair of 6’6 guards in the Harrison twins - size feels like everything in the sport of basketball. The last two National Champions have been predicated on inside dominance, and it’s no wonder that coaches from top programs seek size and physicality in recruiting.

NFL Primetime Games and Their Intrinsic Betting Value

Payne Insider - Posted on 10 October 2013

Written By: Richard Salvatori

 NFL Primetime Sports Betting Picks Image hosted by Payneinsider.comOpening weekend in the NFL is unlike anything else - excitement and hope is in the air and sitting down to watch the nationally televised game is a trend most fans follow regardless of whether or not their team is involved. Week 1 featured four primetime affairs, starting with Baltimore and Denver Thursday night. Three games followed, all of which blew through bookmaker projections. All four Week 1 primetime games went over the number and did so by an average of 17-points per game. It got me thinking about this specific betting spot in terms of what value primetime games hold given the current state of the NFL.

Just this past Sunday, another marquee NFL matchup, although non-qualifying in terms of being a ‘primetime spot’, saw Denver and Dallas duel to a 51-48 final. This game proved to be just another reminder of the direction in which this league is heading.

2013-2014 NBA Win Totals from the Las Vegas Hilton Super Book

Payne Insider - Posted on 01 October 2013

Written By: Payne Insider

 2013-2014 NBA Win Totals from Las Vegas Image hosted by Payneinsider.comThe 2013-2014 NBA season is set to tip Tuesday, October 29th and with that, NBA Win Totals are now available for betting! The Las Vegas SuperBook released their win totals earlier today and the defending champion Miami Heat lead the pack at 60 wins. On the opposite end of the spectrum the Philadelphia 76ers are the lowest team on the totem pole with 16.5. The Knicks' open at 49.5 wins and the Lakers' at 33.5 wins.

Pros vs Joes: The Sports Betting Variety

Payne Insider - Posted on 01 October 2013

Written By: Todd Fuhrman - Former Oddsmaker
Thoughts From: Payne Insider - Professional Sports Bettor

 Pros Vs Joes Sports Betting Variety Image hosted by“Always ignore the boos, they usually come from the cheap seats.”

Pros vs Joes isn’t meant to piss you off...but it can’t guarantee you go undefeated either. It’s not meant to tell you that your bets are dead before the game is played just because they’re “square” or “public” (only Cubs futures fall into this subset). Rather Pros vs Joes weekly tweets are meant to inform like every other piece of content you read on social media. They’re a glimpse into the wallet of the professional to know how he or she has approached the betting card for the weekend by beating the market and taking a position on a game. The misconception that you have to bet dogs to be sharp or avoid road favorites to think like a professional is nearly as antiquated as the original iPhone. Tweets aren’t meant to say fading the public is the only sure fire way to win betting the NFL; although, it’s never a bad idea to be on the other side of the masses when there’s huge volume on a game.

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