Final Four Betting Odds Preview: Michigan vs Syracuse and Louisville vs Wichita State

Payne Insider - Posted on 06 April 2013

 Final Four Betting Odds Preview Image hosted by

Written By: Billy Attridge @WATT_05

Final Four Betting Odds Preview:

#1 Louisville (33-5) vs. #9 Wichita State (30-8), 6:09 pm EST
Line Opened: Louisville-10, 130.5
Current: Lousiville-10.5, 132.5

Key Factors:
Louisville’s Defensive Pressure -The pressure that Russ Smith and Peyton Siva put on opposing guards in the full court is suffocating, and as long as referees are allowing them to guard in such a physical nature, it will continue to be. They currently own the best Defensive Assist to Turnover Ratio in the country (0.546), and are 2nd in Defensive Turnover per Offensive Poss. (23.5%). Wichita State is 94th in A/T ratio (1.07), and 198th in Turnover per Offensive Poss. (19.5%). While Wichita State did play (and beat) VCU, the quickness and defensive rotation of Louisville is at another level at this point in the year.

Florida Gulf Coast Basketball Represents America, Diversity, and the Work Ethic that Makes this Country what it is

Payne Insider - Posted on 29 March 2013

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Written By: Richard Salvatori - You can follow him on Twitter @DickieSalvatori

Since FGCU broke down all historical barriers en route to a Sweet 16 appearance, all of the talk has centered around head coach Andy Enfield, his apparent wealth and his smoking-hot wife.

But take a look at this roster and you will see a lot more than just a coach whose pockets may or may not be stacked. Enfield had a plan from the very start in developing this group, and their thrashing of the Miami Hurricanes back in November should have been a warning sign for all to take note of.

March Madness Parity: Is the NCAA Tournament Really that Wide Open?

Payne Insider - Posted on 19 March 2013

 March Madness Parity Sports Betting Image hosted by

Written By: Richard Salvatori - You can follow him on Twitter @DickieSalvatori

Like most sports fans we constantly debate topics with friends, and while we like to think we win every time, that’s not the case. However, bragging rights are on the line as Tournament time approaches and we fill out our brackets trying to find the four teams that will meet for all the marbles in Atlanta.

One argument and theory I hear over and over again is how “open,” this field is. ESPN and CBS analysts along with countless other talking heads believe that virtually anyone has the ability to advance deep into the field this year, and there’s SOME validity to that.

Big Ten Conference Tournament Preview: Championship Odds, Conteders, Sleepers and Betting Angles

Payne Insider - Posted on 14 March 2013

 Bit Ten Conference Tournament Odds and Sports Betting Angles Image hosted by

Written By: Benjamin Tenenbaum @BTenenbaum

Every year millions of college basketball fans around the world await word on who is in, and who has been left out of the brackets. You see, it has become a national pastime, right up there with Super Bowl squares and rooting against the Yankees in October. However, before we get to that point there are two weeks that college basketball gamblers see as their Super Bowl. This year, the Brady’s and Manning’s are found in the Big Ten Conference which currently boasts five teams that have graced the top 10 most of the year. That is astounding considering the Big East has two and the ACC has one. This is going to make for an exciting tournament in Chicago and opportunities for sports gamblers.

Atlantic Coast Conference Tournament Preview: Championship Odds, Conteders, Sleepers and Betting Angles

Payne Insider - Posted on 14 March 2013

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Written By: Billy Attridge @WATT_05

Location: Greensboro Coliseum, Greensboro North Carolina
Date: March 14-17

For the past 15 years, the two most well known schools in the conference, Duke and North Carolina, have routinely dominated the ACC. Since 1997, Duke and North Carolina have had a share of the regular season title and ACC tournament title 14 times! Miami wrapped up the regular season title for the first time in school history, so one might ponder whether the tournament title is in their hands as well. Since 1997 the regular season champion has only won the tournament 7 times, less than 50% in that 15 year time span. Let’s take a look at the top four seeds this year, which lower seeded teams have the pedigree to pull an upset or two, and the best bet for the tournament.

Braketology 2013: Championship Week Edition from Vegas Oddsmakers and Wiseguys

Payne Insider - Posted on 13 March 2013

 Braketology 2013 from Vegas Oddsmakers and Wiseguys Image hosted by

Written By: @ToddFuhrman - Columnist for OutKickTheCoverage

This bracket isn't designed to project the selection committee's field. The bracket's not designed to appease fans of a certain team who've spent a full year waiting for selection Sunday and a chance at redemption. The bracket's not here to reward teams that "deserve a chance" because they have an artificially high strength of schedule or RPI. The Vegas bracket is designed to show how the top 68 teams in the land would be seeded by oddsmakers and bettors to create the perfectly balanced field.

Sun Belt Conference Tournament Preview: Can Kermit Davis get the Monkey off his Back? + 69% ATS Betting Trend

Payne Insider - Posted on 08 March 2013

 Can Kermit Davis Get the Monkey off his Back Image hosted by

Written By: "The Bird Walker" - Former Sun Belt Conference Champion

Sun Belt Conference Tournament Championship Odds:
Middle Tennessee -380
Arkansas State +600
South Alabama +1700
Western Kentucky +1900
Arkansas Little Rock +2300
Florida International +2600
Florida Atlantic +5500
North Texas +7000
Louisiana Lafayette +8500
Troy +17500
Louisiana Monroe +70000

Five Undervalued College Basketball Teams Heading into Conference Tournaments and March Madness

Payne Insider - Posted on 07 March 2013

 Creighton Blue Jays Undervalued from a Betting Perspective Image hosted by

Written By: Rich Salvatori @DickieSalvatori

The college landscape is in unique form - tightness of matchups is apparent and it allows for the unexplainable. Ole Miss falling at Mississippi State and Purdue winning in Madison would depict such.

Timing, motivation and situation create interesting opportunities and the aforementioned unexplainable to take place. In a generation where immediate gratification is held above all else, it’s important to think outside the box and consider teams flying under the radar.

Oddsmakers are well equipped for tournament season; after all, they’ve had months of preparation gauging the inner-workings of each team. That said, they understand the tendency for overreaction to recent events by the casual bettor. Sports books also comprehend this is the time of year where recreational bettors swarm the basketball marketplace like flies on feces. March Madness is the single largest event in sports betting (Super Bowl largest one day event), so keep an eye for undervalued teams in the marketplace as sports books cater to a less sharper client base.

Here are five teams undervalued in the college basketball marketplace that should provide value in their conference tournaments and beyond.

Bracketology 2013: College Basketball Field of 68 from Vegas Oddsmakers and Sharp Bettors

Payne Insider - Posted on 05 March 2013

 Bracketology 2013 Vegas Betting Image hosted by

Written By: @ToddFuhrman - Columnist for OutKickTheCoverage

We're 12 days from the biggest cluster of the entire college basketball season, officially referred to as selection Sunday. Like physics, each action in college basketball is part of a casual relationship that comes with an equal and opposite reaction. Our field of 68 doesn't rank teams based solely on their wins but rather by power potential derived from a blend of math metrics, overall performance, and relative strength of opponent. You'll see with our updated rankings the team now being called America's #1 actually DROPPED in our poll this week because their resume doesn't appear nearly as strong now as it did in our last installment.

College Basketball Physicality: Efficient Offensive Teams Fight Back

Payne Insider - Posted on 25 February 2013

 Kelly Olynyk Most Efficient Offensive Player in College Basketball Image hosted by

Written By: Rich Salvatori @DickieSalvatori

As we approach the stretch run of what has been an exhilarating college basketball season, numerous trends come into focus which lend credence to the success of certain programs. The area seemingly most important has been the screen game and offensive efficiency as it pertains to physicality.

You can’t pigeonhole teams into having one primary feature, but it’s extremely relevant that a sizable number of top line contenders have separated themselves employing a certain playing style that seems different than the status quo.

Analysts everywhere have commented on the physical nature of the game recently. Oftentimes we see tendencies that give calls to the defense, especially in unknown block/charge scenarios. Because of that, it iterates why elite teams have made attempts to counteract the defensive favoritism by playing more physical on offense. Indiana, Michigan State and Gonzaga are utilizing strong off ball screening to free up open men for easy looks.

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