Football SuperContest Proxy - LVH Westgate Superbook Starts Taking Entries for its Annual NFL Tournament July 1st

Payne Insider - Posted on 30 June 2015

Written By: Vegas Matty

 Westgate 2015 Super Contest Proxy Image hosted by Payneinsider.comThe 2015 SuperContest at the Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook expects to be even bigger than last year, when a record 1,403 entries made it worth more than $2 million to those entrants who finished among the Top 30 places and were paid out following the 17-week NFL season. At $1,500 per entry, the SuperContest has been known since its inception as the best NFL handicapping contest in the world, with last year’s winner taking home a record $740,000 for picking winners at an insane 76 percent clip.

Contestants in 2015 should not be too intimidated by that number though and focus more on the 62 percent needed to finish in the money a year ago. With such a big field, hitting better than 60 percent is no longer a guarantee to earn a share of the prize money despite the payouts increasing from Top 20 to 30 two years ago. Instead, the higher number of entrants means better competition as well as bigger prizes.

For example, one point separated ties for fifth and ninth place last year, which was the difference between winning $84,180 and $63,135, respectively. The fifth-place score of 56.5 points out of 85 (66 percent) in 2014 would have won the SuperContest in 2007, 2009 and 2010 when the top prize averaged more than $200,000. There were also no more than 350 entries in any of those years, and only the Top 20 was paid out then.

Fast forward to 2015, and the SuperBook is hoping to hit at least 1,905 entries, which would award more than $1 million to the winner for the first time ever! If there are 2,000 entries, the total prize pool will be worth $3 million. With the popularity of the SuperContest at an all-time high, both of those goals could be reached this year. Additionally, the Westgate Sportsbook will pay out the Top 50 places in the 2015 NFL Supercontest.

For those who are interested in entering the SuperContest for the first time, you can enlist the services of a proxy that can submit picks for you on a weekly basis. All you need to do is sign up in person sometime between July 1 and the deadline of September 12, and the proxy will represent you during the entire season for a small fee. The proxy we recommend has 10 years of experience and had four contestants in the Top 10 for the second year in a row, including a Top 6 finish for the sixth straight year.

You can learn more about the SuperContest proxy we wholeheartedly trust at For more information on all Las Vegas football contests, visit

If you have any further questions or want to talk to a representative directly about signing up for the Supercontest, email Remember to tell them PAYNE INSIDER sent you and you will receive the very best pricing on all your proxy needs.

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