QB Rodgers worked out with the Packers on Monday

Payne Insider - Posted on 05 November 2014

 Aaron Rodgers Hamstring Injury Image hosted by Payneinsider.comThe Packers’ week off seemed to have seriously helped the hamstring injury that Aaron Rodgers suffered, since the very famous QB worked out on Monday, which is great news for many fans and their bookmaking solutions.

This proved to be the very first time that the player was able to participate on the field since October 26, when he suffered a pulled left hamstring in the Packer’s 44-23 defeat to the Saints.

"Aaron did everything today," said coach Mike McCarthy. "He looked good. He went through the workout today."

However, the workout session was not a complete practice, as the coach compared it to a workout during the offseason in which individual drills are done, as well as working on conditioning and strength.

The player stayed in the game with New Orleans despite the injury suffered in the third quarter, but he did not have a lot of mobility at all. Rodgers then pulled out of the game late during the fourth quarter, as it was too much to handle.

On Monday, Rodgers didn’t talk to reporters, but after his team’s game against the New Orleans he said that he didn’t believe that the injury was so serious, something that left many Packers fans very relieved.

The coach said that RG T.J. Lang, who concerned many fans when he suffered a sprained left ankle in the game against New Orleans, was rehabbing his injury on Monday. But the team’s three starters at defense - safety Morgan Burnett (calf), DE Datone Jones (ankle), and CB Sam Shields (knee) - all players who ended missing missed the game against the Saints - were able to practice throughout the team’s workout session on Monday.

Rodgers might return to action sooner than expected, and this is seen as great news for many fans looking for bookmaking solutions. It’s still not known if the player will be healthy enough to take on Bears, but there is no doubt amongst many fans that his return will give the Packers a huge boost for their upcoming NFL games.

Fans and experts alike are knocking on wood, hoping to see the player hit the field soon enough, but they’re fully aware that he should still be very careful when he makes his return, and should be sure that he made a complete recovery before playing again.

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