Scandal at The Mothership: ESPN First Take "Fart Gate"

Payne Insider - Posted on 16 May 2013

Scandal at The Mothership! ESPN aired yesterday's edition of First Take, and boy, was there some controversy. No, Skip and Stephen weren't arguing about worldly matters like Tim Tebow performing circumcisions in his spare time.

Like most Americans, I was watching but not really paying attention, and then . . . what sounded like, no, it couldn't be. YES! The fart heard 'round the world!

At the :20 second mark, one of three suspects; Stephen A. Smith, Cari Champion or Skip Bayless decided to play the anal acoustics. Pass gas. Let one rip. Cut the cheese. Bottom burp. Airbrush their undershorts.

Where Fart Gate takes place is when the segment re-aired later in the day, there was no combustion of epic proportion. Where there was once a fart, there is no more fart. Thus in lies, First Take FART GATE!

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