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To PayneInsider, customer service is the most important part of any company, business, or website trying to succeed -- it can make or break you, and as such, customer support is an invaluable asset that PayneInsider prioritizes above all else. Our goal is to make sure each of our customers is 110% satisfied. If you have any inquiries, questions or concerns, please email

Frequently Asked Questions

This is the portion of the site where we will do our best to address the most commonly asked questions - without you having to ask them. If by some chance we do not cover what you're looking for, then email your inquiry and we will get back to you in a timely fashion. Below are the questions that PayneInsider feels will help you gather pertinent information you need, and should expect to know.


Great question. There are so many sports handicapping websites now, and it seems like new ones pop out of the wood-work daily with the popularity of sports betting hitting an all-time high. We can't decide for you, but Payne will sure as heck try to make the selection process as easy for you by picking winners, running a respected outfit, and giving you top-notch customer service. Payne's track record speaks for itself and our group would test our information against anybody in the industry. We're like the affordable stock that's going to boom and split a few times over. Why not purchase our sports betting knowledge while we continue to grow our brand? PayneInsider will not degrade our competitors' skills, but who on earth wants to pay $2,400 on advice for a single sport? Simply put: we provide you with a product better than the competition, for a fraction of the competitions price. Nobody in the world is better than me at what we do, especially, at the prices Payne charges. Signing up to PayneInsider is an absolute NO-BRAINER -- so it's time you got off the bench, got in the game, and jumped on board the team.


When you become a valued member of PayneInsider, you will receive every premium selection we release. Whether it's baseball, football, or basketball on the card, you will receive each and every single play Payne bets himself for the duration of your membership. Of course, everybody will have access to our Free Picks provided on the website, Twitter, or when we're doing radio whether you're a member, or one-time web surfer just stopping by to check PayneInsider out. Either way, once you are a part of PayneInsider, you're considered part of the "team."


The blunt and simple answer: OF COURSE, 150%! Payne bets each and every game advised to clients. Our group won't give out selections we're not personally playing. PERIOD! If we're not playing it, you aren't getting it. If we're playing a game, you're getting it! PayneInsider stands by our clients and goes to war with them everyday. How could I tell you to go do something and not expect myself to do the same? We aren't glorified salesmen or marketers looking to suck hard earned money out of you! Payne is a professional sports bettor/gambler first, and a sports advisor and consultant second. Payne's information has a defined value, and it can help people who aren't accustomed to winning do just that...WIN!


This is a tough question because there are a lots of sites out there that PayneInsider stands behind. You need to have variety of sports books, because not every book is the same. When you go purchase something, don't you like to shop around and find the best buy? Not every sports book offers the same lines, or gives you the same options because every sports book caters to a different kind of player. For example, if I'm betting the Patriots at home against the Dolphins, wouldn't it be wiser to lay -6.5 than -7? So don't limit yourself -- make sure you have options. We always suggest finding different types of books, square and sharp. That's where the largest discrepancies present themselves. It allows you to play favorites at shorter prices, while playing underdogs at higher prices. The few sites PayneInsider prefers to use are; PinnacleSports, TheGreek, BetCris, 5Dimes and Bookmaker. You should have at the very minimum 3-5 SPORTS BOOKS at your disposal you feel comfortable with so options are never limited, and your getting the best lines available. If you take sports betting seriously, finding the best number is a must if you're betting daily. You may like that shiny, brand new Mercedes Benz, but buying it at $10,000 more than it's worth makes it a bad buy, and thus, takes away all it's market value. Same concept holds true with selecting teams to bet on, so it's a must to shop for the best price.


A brief bit of information that Payne wants you to know up front. PayneInsider enjoys and follows pretty much every sport out there. Soccer is great, and Hockey is one of the best sports to attend live. However, our core areas of expertise are; Football Picks, both College and Pro. Basketball Picks, both College and Pro, and of course Baseball Picks. MLB is the greatest past time we have! As such, the core of our advice will be on these 5 sports. We will play the pucks from time to time, we do release Boxing and MMA fights -- and we delve into the CFL, too. Our reasoning for disclosing this information is simple: We don't want you signing up, and then feel cheated we didn't give you advice on the Maple Leafs/Blackhawks game that night. Although PayneInsider loves every sport, we focus on the 5 major sports in the sports betting industry.

Pertinent Information:

*All messages and emails containing foul language or profanity will be automatically deleted and will never reach the customer service department.

*Note that all messages go to Customer Support - not the handicapper(s).

*Please note that your IP address is logged with each message and email.

*We treat all customers with respect, but only if it can be reciprocated.

*Any threats received will be turned over to the proper authorities and will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law at the Local, State and Federal levels.

*Email is an interstate wire communication transmission, falling under the jurisdiction of the federal courts. Accordingly, using email for purposes of making threats of harm to another individual is a federal criminal offense in addition to the range of potential misdemeanor and felony criminal charges that can and will be brought against you at the State and Local levels as well.

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