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The greatest time of year at PayneInsider is here! College and NFL Football has been the foundation of our website since 2007, and since that time our football picks have been leading the sports betting industry. We're one of the few that have withstood the test of time, and there is no secret as to why we are so successful. Information, hard work, dedication to excellence, consistency, unmatched market influence and top notch customer service sets our group apart from the competition. Payne spends 12-18 hours daily during Football season researching, gathering information, and using his endless list of contacts to give clients the best chance for success each and every week. Payne's uncanny ability to put clients on the right side of games that continually beat the closing line is one of the reasons he's an advantage player.

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30-Day NFL and College Football Picks Package $319

PayneInsider's 30-Day NFL and College Football Combo Package gives you access to everything for one month. Any, and every Football Pick we release in College and the NFL is yours with this package for 30-Days.

PayneInsider is coming off a profitable 2012-2013 football season in which our group nailed numerous big plays, including; our College Football Game of the Year (Florida Gators +3 over LSU) plus, our NFL Game of the Year cashed in (Tampa Bay +5 over Atlanta). In addition, our Super Bowl Dog-Shocker won OUTRIGHT with (Baltimore +5.5 over San Francisco). We expect another monster football season in 2013-2014 and would love to have you on board the team.

PayneInsider's football season begins with the NFL preseason. Things quickly kick into high gear when college football kicks off the last week of August. Both College Football and the NFL will take place through the month of December, then our attention focuses on college bowl games and NFL playoffs. The Super Bowl will conclude our 2013-2014 season after the first Sunday in February.

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