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Payne wants to explain what makes him successful. In the record archives section of the site, Payne reveals how the information gathering process comes together to build a winning product; showing you how it's done and giving you a better understanding about how sports betting really works. The reality is most gamblers lose money. In fact, 98% of sports bettors that wager on a daily basis, 365-days a year, end up down at year's end. By joining the PayneInsider team you'll no longer be with the masses but be part of that elite 2%.

Part of the reason Payne's investors are so successful is the Bank Roll Management system he employs. It goes without saying this MUST be exercised in combination with prepared selections and information that provides an edge. The Bank Roll Management system is familiar to most sports handicappers, calculating bets and winnings by familiar terminology called the "Dime" scale. Obviously, selecting winners is a pertinent step, but knowing how to maximize your earning potential is something bettors tend to under-emphasize in this industry. You must realize that sports betting is a game of streaks. Mitigating your losses during cold spells is just as imperative as capitalizing financially while you're hot, and leaving losers off your card saving a bet + vig is equally or more important than adding a winner.

Payne has managed to do that successfully for nearly a decade, documented online since 2007. Payne provides you with records from the inception of this very website, and will continue to do so moving forward. Transparency is key and Payne has absolutely nothing to hide. All sports picks are released against widely available lines. Every pick Payne releases is graded and updated on this very records page daily, win or lose. In addition, our advice about bankroll management, as well as rules that must be practiced and followed are below. Included in the records portion is our seasonal breakdown in each and every sport.

The rating scale at PayneInsider is a 1 to 10 scale using "DIMES." 1-DIME being our lowest aligned selection, 10-DIMES being our largest. Our average released selection since 2007 is roughly 3-DIMES. While we have no issues firing the board, we understand most recreational bettors prefer the 1-3 largest games each day, and not twenty 1% edge positions. Our "other sports" category includes records for the following sports: NHL, Boxing, MMA, CFL, AFL, Soccer, Tennis, Golf, Nascar and The Triple Crown. "Other sports" has been a part of our arsenal since inception, but they're not one of the major sports and we do not produce enough volume to consider it its own entity. Therefore they share a category and are labeled "Other Sports" at the time of release.


2017-2018 NFL: (63-54-4) 54% -1.7 DIMES

2017-2018 NCAA Football: (48-38-3) 56% +8.55 DIMES

2017-2018 NBA: (2-4-0) 33% -4.75 DIMES through 2.21.18 DIMES

2017-2018 NCAA Basketball: (72-52-3) 58% +26.95 DIMES through 2.21.18 DIMES


2016-2017 NFL: (84-56-5) 60% +55.35 DIMES

2016-2017 NCAA Football: (58-45-0) 56% +25.6 DIMES

2016-2017 NBA: (48-46-3) 51% -3 DIMES

2016-2017 NCAA Basketball: (49-31-3) 61% +26.45 DIMES


2015-2016 NFL: (94-50-4) 65% +92.55 DIMES

2015-2016 NCAA Football: (80-71-3) 53% +.6 DIMES

2015-2016 NBA: (94-57-1) 62% +77.25 DIMES

2015-2016 NCAA Basketball: (31-28-0) 53% +.75 DIMES

2016 Other Sports: (3-1-0) 75% +5.4 DIMES


2014-2015 NFL: (74-40-2) 65% +76.65 DIMES

2014-2015 NCAA Football: (69-63-3) 52% -20.65 DIMES

2014-2015 NBA: (19-19-1) 50% +7.4 DIMES

2014-2015 NCAA Basketball: (59-59-3) 50% -15.2 DIMES

2015 MLB: (0-0-0) NOTE: Private Deal for 2015 MLB Regular Season

2015 Other Sports: (11-3-0) 79% +25.4 DIMES


2013-2014 NFL: (57-42-5) 58% +26.1 DIMES

2013-2014 NCAA Football: (58-49-0) 54% +12.7 DIMES

2013-2014 NBA: (23-30-1) 43% -28.1 DIMES

2013-2014 NCAA Basketball: (84-57-4) 60% +70.05 DIMES

2014 MLB: (51-40-3) 56% +18.5 DIMES

2014 Other Sports: (18-6-1) 75% +37.5 DIMES


2012-2013 NFL: (62-57-3) 52% +6.4 DIMES

2012-2013 NCAA Football: (99-58-1) 63% +93.5 DIMES

2012-2013 NBA: (57-48-1) 54% +25.2 DIMES

2012-2013 NCAA Basketball: (99-78-4) 56% +56.2 DIMES

2013 MLB: (76-81-9) 48% -29.85 DIMES

2013 Other Sports: (20-15-1) 57% +14.1 DIMES


2011-2012 NFL: (67-41-3) 62% +65.5 DIMES

2011-2012 NCAA Football: (58-61-2) 49% -51.5 DIMES

2011-2012 NBA: (66-53-3) 55% +31.1 DIMES

2011-2012 NCAA Basketball: (104-87-3) 54% +10.3 DIMES

2012 MLB: (194-187-8) 51% +12.1 DIMES

2012 Other Sports: (55-38-4) 59% +48.6 DIMES


2010-2011 NFL: (51-36-0) 59% +29 DIMES

2010-2011 NCAA Football: (42-29-5) 59% +41.4 DIMES

2010-2011 NBA: (70-43-0) 62% +61.7 DIMES

2010-2011 NCAA Basketball: (64-43-0) 60% +86.5 DIMES

2011 MLB: (131-108-1) 55% +78.1 DIMES

2011 Other Sports: (38-26-1) 59% +12.3 DIMES


2009-2010 NFL: (55-40-1) 58% +35.6 DIMES

2009-2010 NCAA Football: (51-38-0) 57% +44.8 DIMES

2009-2010 NBA: (37-21-4) 64% +47.6 DIMES

2009-2010 NCAA Basketball: (56-51-3) 52% +12.9 DIMES

2010 MLB: (42-22-3) 66% +35.8 DIMES

2010 Other Sports: (17-3-1) 85% +32.3 DIMES


2008-2009 NFL: (52-32-2) 62% +150.6 DIMES

2008-2009 NCAA Football: (59-52-2) 53% +15.2 DIMES

2008-2009 NBA: (58-35-4) 62% +33.7 DIMES

2008-2009 NCAA Basketball: (107-94-2) 53% -41 DIMES

2009 MLB: (94-70-7) 57% +30.6 DIMES

2009 Other Sports: (4-0-0) 100% +11.5 DIMES


2007-2008 NFL: (68-50-6) 58% +27 DIMES

2007-2008 NCAA Football: (80-54-5) 60% +19.8 DIMES

2007-2008 NBA: (136-92-4) 60% +36.5 DIMES

2007-2008 NCAA Basketball: (160-121-6) 57% +46.4 DIMES

2008 MLB: (217-176-9) 55% +7.1 DIMES



*NEVER BET MORE THAN YOU CAN AFFORD TO LOSE! This is the most important rule in the sports betting industry. Most refer to it as "THE GOLDEN RULE."

*ALWAYS FOLLOW THE BANK ROLL SYSTEM! This rule might be just as important as the golden rule. There's no need to get greedy in this business. Greed will always catch up with you. This isn't blackjack or roulette where if we go 4-1 Saturday in College Football, we should press our winnings Sunday in the NFL. Bulls make money, Bears make money, Pigs get slaughtered. Discipline is critical in sports betting because wins and losses typically occur in streaks. The biggest problem is that most bettors get too aggressive during hot streaks and get cold feet during cold streaks. Streaks do not last forever, so stay consistent with your bankroll and NEVER, EVER chase your losses.

*THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A LOCK! This is also a very important rule to keep buried in the back of your head. This also applies to the pressing idea. If you went 4-1 Saturday in College Football, you shouldn't use that success to justify an ill-advised decision to put $1,000 on the New England Patriots tomorrow because they are playing the Miami Dolphins, and "it's a lock". It only takes one LOCK LOSS for most people to understand this concept. We find it laughable when other sports handicappers call games; "LOCKS". If this was a business where there were no risk involved, wouldn't everyone be doing it? We all know that's not the case, and PayneInsider finds professional handicappers continually using this ill-advised term. BEWARE!

*STAY EMOTIONLESS WHEN BETTING! This is a very important rule for most to grasp when starting. Just like most people, everyone is fan (short for fanatic) of certain teams and they let that come into play when wagering. YOU CAN NOT ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN! It blurs decision-making and in the end, your bias towards a certain team will only lose you money. You have to look at each game with a clear mind and weigh your decision using logic, information, numbers, etc. - not based upon your love for a particular team, but upon the bottom-line facts. As a result, you should be able to wager on teams you root for (and against), but you must keep a clear mind towards all teams even those you love and hate. When people ask, "Who is your favorite team?" My response is always; "The team that makes me money." I don't know about you, but the only team logo on my money is Ben Franklin's team.

*YOU MUST BE CONFIDENT! This is something that people have the hardest time with. You have to realize there will be losing days, weeks, and yes...even the sharpest bettors have the occasional losing month. The goal is to have winning YEARS. If you can't handle this simple fact, then sports betting isn't something you should submerge yourself in. You must realize you will encounter streaks that are good, and some that are bad. There will be times when you lose 4 days in a row and things might feel like they couldn't get any worse. You must remain confident at these times. We see this happen way too often. You lose a few days in a row and you get down and don't think about how you got to this point, or the track record that you've established over the years. So when you hit a cold streak - and inevitably, you will - you must sit back and relax, refocus on the task at hand, and jump back in with a rational mind. Realize how you go to this point, and most importantly embed it into your head that you are never as bad as your 0-3 days, and never as good as your 4-0 days.

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