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Everybody knows V.I.P stands for Very Important Person, at PayneInsider, it stands for something more important. V.I.P stands for Verified Insider Plays.

This V.I.P Service is for clients that want to wager on the select, best bets on the board. These types of wagers are spot plays that over time yield an extremely high winning percentage. They're for the client that doesn't want to pepper the board every day, but when he does bet, he's in the game. There's absolutely nothing wrong with being a volume player, but not everyone feels comfortable having a plethora of action each day - sometimes less is more in this business. Sure, you can identify edges with ancillary sports, but there's also a reason sports books allow you to bet on every quarter in a football game, or offer thousands of prop bets each and every day. The more times you're laying 11 to win 10, the edge can drastically increase in favor of the sports book. Your risk of ruin becomes tenfold.

Being one of the most successful, respected, and influential sports bettors in the industry Payne has gained the respect of two of the largest betting syndicates in the country, exchanging information with them on a daily basis since 2010 making him privy to game-changing information that isn't factored into a line. This type of information just isn't available to the average bettor out there. It can't be found in an excel sheet you've created for years. It can't be found in the trends section on your wagering site, or your local newspaper. These types of wagers are Verified Insider Plays that can only be obtained by the sharpest bettors. Fortunately, they are now at your disposal.

Everyday will not yield a play. On average, Payne's V.I.P Club has provided 8 to 12 selections per month. Payne only makes a move when the time is right, and the play is VERIFIED! That means roughly 1-3 plays per week, so when we have a play, it's for the MAX wager. Staying within the means of your bankroll as always, whatever your max wager is, that's the amount you wager on each of these V.I.P selections. Rather than spread your bankroll over 5+ plays per day, Payne finds the best plays on the board for the ENTIRE WEEK, and when he does, we make a move on them.

Eleven-Picks: Good for (11) V.I.P Selections: $1,549

Nine-Picks: Good for (9) V.I.P Selections: $1,349

Seven-Picks: Good for (7) V.I.P Selections: $1,120

Five-Picks: Good for (5) V.I.P Selections: $849

Three-Picks: Good for (3) V.I.P Selections: $555

One-Pick: Good for (1) V.I.P Selection: $210

Easy Requirements:

• Cell phone that has e-mail or text (preferably) capability. If text is the route you want to go we will need a working phone number.

• You will have to agree to a non-disclosure agreement which states there is no sharing of this contents information.

• Information can sometimes come minutes before game time, but our goal is for you to receive our selections at least 45 minutes before kick, tip, or first pitch. These picks will not be published to anybody else, these are for V.I.P Club Members only!

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Additional Payment Options

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To pay by Western Union, Money Gram, or by cash, check, or money order via FedEx Express, please e-mail Sportsinfo@Payneinsider.com for instructions.

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V.I.P Club Picks

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